Miniature Baptismal Fonts

Miniature Baptismal FontsJulian Wheeler

Foreword by Henry Sandon

While most baptisms take place at the main font in the parish church, this has not always been the case. For centuries, miniature fonts have enabled baptism to occur elsewhere in the church, and far beyond its walls.

Their range is startling, from simple dish-like vessels to scale replicas of celebrated fonts; 'pocket' fonts in fitted boxes for bedside baptisms to large and expensive portable fonts for private chapels and royalty; made from stone, pottery, metals - including silver and gold - and even wood. The heyday of the miniature font was the nineteenth century, with numerous examples, often in white parian-ware, manufactured by the likes of Minton, Wedgwood and Worcester.

Richly illustrated with more than 100 colour images, this is the first book to explore the fascinating and little known subject of miniature baptismal fonts.

Paperback, 56 pages
234 x 156 mm, 101 colour illustrations
ISBN 978 1 907700 08 8

Publication December 2016

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