Children's Books

I can remember being read to as a child, my brother and I sitting on my brother's bed, a Magic Roundabout quilt pulled up to our chests.

One evening, Dad began to read from a favourite book of ours, about an eccentric group of frogs who played together in a brass band, a book full of delicious pictures. But as he read we began to realise that something wasn't right: we recognised the cover of the book, but not the words we were hearing or the pictures we were seeing. Enjoying our confusion, Dad stopped reading, took off the dust jacket, and revealed a book we had never seen before.

The book was one of five such books about the Frog Band, written and illustrated by Jim Smith in the late-70s and early-80s. The Frog Band books remain among the most beguiling and distinctive illustrated children's books of their era. Their appeal remains undimmed, and we are delighted to be able to re-publish them for a new generation of children - and their parents.