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Oxfordshire Stained Glass: 20 Postcards

Oxfordshire Stained Glass 20 PostcardsRichard Wheeler

A tiny red cow, several angels, a bishop and an archbishop, birds with speech bubbles, the Life of Christ, Henry VII, one rose and two lilies, the Virgin Mary, a mother and her seven daughters, a golden lion and a flaming eye.

Startling details and stunning artistry, from the fourteenth century to the twentieth, from medieval through Victorian to Arts and Crafts, from the famous, such as Iffley and Oxford St. Mary; to the less well-known, such as Waterperry and Longworth: a collection of images showcasing the beauty, rarity and wonder of Oxfordshire stained glass.

Each of the twenty images is printed as a high-quality postcard, pad-bound with a cloth spine, to keep or to send to friends. The reverse of each card has a short information text about the image.

Richard Wheeler
combines work as a conservation officer with writing and professional photography. He is the author of Oxfordshire's Best Churches.

Paperback, bound pad of 20 detachable postcards

165 x 120 mm

20 colour photographs

ISBN 978 1 907700 07 1
£7.99 inc. UK VAT
Publication 10 September 2015

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