Church Books

'Come all to church, good people', -
Oh, noisy bells, be dumb;
I hear you, I will come
A. E. Housman

Virtually every town and village has its church, and few churches have nothing to offer those who trouble to step inside. Most hold something of interest or delight, however small or fleeting, and many hold things of heart quickening beauty.

This, in a nutshell, is the subject of Fircone's Church Guides: the beauty and interest of English churches and chapels. Our Church Guides present the finest churches in each county, meticulously researched and richly illustrated with colour photographs and specially commissioned church plans.

At Fircone we believe that a book should be as good to own as it is to read; that books are made to be used and should be made to endure. Our Church Guides are produced to an unusually high specification, in order that they are a pleasure to hold and to handle, not only now but long into the future.