Twelve Miles against the Wind

'No church should be included which did not have one object which, regardless of date, was aesthetically worth bicycling twelve miles against the wind to see.'

So declared John Betjeman in the introduction to his 1958 Guide to English Parish Churches.

Fircone's Twelve Miles against the Wind series is a county by county selection of some of the most extraordinary examples of artistry to be found in the churches of England: breathtaking individual pieces of figurative, decorative and architectural stonework, woodwork and metalwork, stained glass and wall painting.

Often, the churches that contain these treasures are left out of the general guides due to a perceived lack of overall interest. For this reason many are little known. The Twelve Miles against the Wind series seeks partly to right this wrong, providing superb full colour photographs of the very best examples of English church artistry, each photograph accompanied by an illuminating text.


Oxfordshire Church Treasures
Richard Wheeler